How is a car reservation?


It is simple: in the form of an inquiry, choose a car which you are interested, the dates of the beginning and end of the lease, enter your contact details and click “RESERVE”. Our staff will contact you shortly to confirm the lease and if necessary further details.

What documents are required to rent a car?

  • Driving license of category B (national or international) with a tenure of at least 2 years
  • Passport with a valid residence permit in the EU

To confirm your reservation, you need to send the series and number of your passport, Schengen visa, driver’s license to our mail autoavenue@seznam.cz

How to pay?


Cash, bank cards VISA, MasterCard, bank transfer to the account of our company. All calculations are in CZK or EUR. We also accept rubles and US dollars as deposits.

Do I need to leave a deposit?


Yes, it is common practice for all rental companies and it depends from car class and rental conditions (min. security deposit – 300 € or 8000 CZK). The deposit is accepted in cash or blocked on your card.

Will a car be insured?


All our cars are insured under the compulsory civil liability insurance. In addition, all of our customers, we provide the opportunity to full insure a car on a comprehensive auto insurance system

Important: insurance is not valid in the case of an accident with a drunk driver.

How and where can I pick up a car?


We will deliver a car at any place convenient for you from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm free of charge. After hours are available for an extra charge. We deliver the car to Prague airport after hours for 25 €, which will allow you to save on a taxi.

Can I rent a car in another city (country)?


Yes, it is possible, we try our best to meet our customers. The conditions and cost of returning elsewhere are discussed individually and include the cost of travel and fuel.

How is a car taken?


The car must be returned clean and with a full tank. If the vehicle’s pollution makes it difficult to visually inspect it for scratches and damage, the cost of washing it is charged to the customer. In addition, in the event of severe pollution of the cabin, we will have to collect the cost of dry cleaning.

If the insured event?


If an insured event occurred on the trip, the algorithm of your actions is as follows:

  • put on a reflective vest
  • set an emergency stop sign
  • call the police at 158
  • call our company (we work around the clock). If necessary, we will arrive at the accident site
  • if possible, photograph the scene of the accident and the damage
  • carefully check all the data in the accident report before signing it so that all participants, witnesses and damages are entered by the police
  • get yourself a copy of the police report

Is it possible to extend the rental period?


If you want to extend the current lease, just call us 24 hours before its end.

Can I cancel a reservation?


Cancellation of at least 24 hours is free of charge. If cancellation is carried out in less than 24 hours, the rental fee per one day will be charged.

Car return


When returning the car, the fuel level in the tank should be the same as when it was received. In the event of significant contamination of the vehicle, which impedes the process of checking its paintwork, the vehicle is washed at the expense of the client Car rental reserves the right to charge for dry cleaning salon, in case of contamination by the client