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It is a complete renewal perspective on car rental! Alexander, youarethebest! Special thanks for the restaurant Chodovar, atmospheric place, sorry for not drinking a beer. Entertheservice - a soberdriver.

My family and I rented a car for the first time. I had several phobias: a car breakdown on the road, a dirty worn-out interior, smell and dust in a car (we have a small child), orientation on European roads, etc. Therefore, when booking a car, they tried to look for a car no older than a year. Well, finding the right car is a separate story of time and nerves. Therefore, we decided not to book in advance, but to decide on the spot with a car (so that you can look at the car and the owners). Good luck overtook us on the third attempt. The brand new Rapid 2019, the cleanest salon, a wonderful girl at the show and a Romer child seat (auto-moms will understand me). In general, all the way I admired the attentiveness of the company in the form of a blanket !!!, lollipops !!!, napkins, and my husband - its technical equipment. We did not notice how we dashed off almost 2,000 km in a week; spring Europe is delightful. Lena, good luck, tidy customers, development. I'm sorry ridiculous questions early in the morning.

Brand new Corolla, sane prices, super service, a lot of information in the glove compartment, for 50 USDI felt like a celestial, you're really cool!

Guys, thank you for your positive emotions! Traveled with girlfriends. On the advice of friends, they took the auto where they are, that is, you! and was delighted, the auto is almost new, well-groomed, very pleased that there was a full tank, napkins and sweets also smiled. Thanks also for prompting an excellent route, and in the glove compartment I found all the recommendations on where to eat. Long life to your business and prosperity! If luck smiles back to Prague, I will turn to you, I hope not to get spoiled. To all travelers only bright and positive emotions!

Alexander, offset and respect for a frisky and clean horse! I often wind up to Europe for work, a car dealer with experience. The first time no complaints about the car. All the best, man!

Why are there no stars in your reviews? Don’t have a lot of time to write a long review, so six out of five stars. Sixth star for a complete set of cars, style I have not seen anywhere else :)

Honeymoon))) Czech Republic! Austria! Germany! Poland! Hungary! - Thanks Auto Avenue for a cool new car. It was important for us that nothing clouded our emotions. You did it, we are happy !It was an amazing trip.

The best car rental! BEST!BEST!

Werent cars in February 2019 for 4 days, then to renew the rent on two days. The purpose of the trip is the castles and rocks of the Czech Republic and Germany. It's a pity at the beginning abit of weather. The roads are good, therefore not tiring. Saxon Switzerland was most impressed, the views are breathtaking, HlubokánadVltavouwas very impressive. Hope to come again. Only next time we’ll take a bigger car, Yaris is too small for four. Otherwise, everything is just fine, thank you very much!

Before our traveling, having searching a lotof sites and comparing conditions, the choice fell on Auto avenue. I am very happy about that. Optimal renting, clean salon. By the way, I got a new car - Toyota Yaris, which was rented to me only once. Mileage was 900km, I doubled it. Nicebonus was that Alexander takes care of his clients, there was water for us in the car. Unexpectedly nice. They also go towards and can fit the car to your hotel and then pick it up from him by with prior consent...they always available and help with route planning and share useful information about parking etc.

I recommended for everyone this auto rental. Alexander is a very helpful and pleasant man! Brought cars during as agreed. Delivered a brand new car like as from auto salon. I was sat at automatic box machine in first time - he explained everything and showed. Return in the same way without any problems, everything is quick and clear. Awesome!

I have extensive experience with renting car in Europe, and not only. I usuallytake a carfromwell-knowndistributorsonthemarket. Coincidentall I saw a proposal for a rental of new cars, with have a car at my doorway , with an adequate amount of deposit (which is returned immediately upon returning the car), decided to leave a request. And then Alexander answered very quickly. Hisworkisclear, fastandrespectful. Everythingwasontime. Thecarisnew, clean. Alexanderisintouchandreadytohelp. Everythingwasperfectandthemoodaccordingly. Successinyourbusiness!Andwewillreturntoyou.

Excellent service, professionalism and punctuality, go to a meeting and understand the client. The car was with a mileage of 5 km, 2019. Thanks to Alexander and Elena. Successful business for you! Sergey.

Rested for the first time in Europe ... Family, children, mid-July 2019 Prague .... I decided to diversify my vacation with a trip to nearby attractions ... I called and wrote to several companies, but it was not to be... then there are no cars - call tomorrow, then file no one - season watchers. In general, I thought everything, my dreams were covered to see beautiful views of the Czech expanses from the car window. But I did not give up and my next appeal to the next company (Auto Avenue) fate brought us with Alex!!! All technical issues were resolved within 5 minutes, the car was delivered right on time, NEW AUTO 2019 (that probably says it all). Reception and delivery of a car 5 minutes, Pep Alexanders talks and go ... Ride from the heart, impressions a full suitcase.! Thank you for the work, for the service and attitude! Good luck with business! And more new customers!

I have rented a car more than once in my life - both in Russia (as a replacement for my repair) and in other countries - Montenegro, Turkey, Crete, Italy, Serbia, Mexico. It was always exciting - whether they would deceive, and somewhat paper-wall. Most importantly, in tourists season I had to search in advance for an agency and book an economy option - I don’t like to hang out and prefer to spend money on something else. On this vacation with very close friends and the idea to go to Pernstein Castle arose suddenly at 8 PMon Friday (right in the early days of August 2019) - moreover, they wanted to make a trip in the morning the next day - that is, on Saturday , and take the car only for a day.They began to rummage around in the network - options - almost zero - or unnecessary show-offs - for example, BMW 5 for 185 EUR, but most often they heard / read only a refusal - small cars such as the i20 Hyundai, Skoda Fabia, etc. - No, everyone is taken apart. Although no, I’ll be more precise - in the overwhelming majority of cases, the agencies simply didn’t react in the late Friday evening, at best - a letter saying that the order was accepted and the manager would contact us shortly (from one company they honestly contacted at 10 am on Saturday). Without any hope they wrote in Auto Avenue auto rental (Prague). Manager Alexander answered right away - after 3 minutes with a call back via WhatsApp (so as not to spend our money for calls in roaming). Despite the fact that, at our request, the car was not immediately found, he did n’t give up trying to help us and after 40 minutes we were offered a wonderful new Toyota Yaris. It turned out that it was enough for me to send him passports photo, visa, driving licenceand registration in Russia, so that I could draw up a contract and already at 9:50 there was a beauty car at our hotel - a great auto for the four of us.I chose full insurance - plus 34% of the cost of our one-day rental - and the deposit (in cash) amounted to only 200 EUR. Given the fact that it was difficult to predict the possibility of finding a guaranteed place in a paid parking lot near our hotel, and at the hotel it cost 24 EUR, for us a great bonus was the opportunity to rent a car for the manager in the evening - the guys work for clients from 7 AM to 9 PM - we just came to our hotel and after the inspection we received our deposit back - without 30 days of waiting for the block to be removed from the authorized funds on the card ... In short - my and my friends ’rating is 10 points and 10 possible!

efficiency, flexibility, friendliness, honesty, willingness to take into account all the wishes of the client.

you can’t smoke in the car, smear interior items with grease, alcohol or vomit, you can’t use it on the river bottom and off-road, you can’t get drunk crashing into a pillar or leave keys and documents in the wound auto ... Generally, there are no minuses.

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