Travel features

Travel features

Roads of the Czech Republic and Europe

European quality is a trend that also applies to roads. And this applies to highways (autobahns), which Prague is connected with many European capitals and big cities, and minor roads. Traveling along them is convenient and safe, since there are almost no sharp bends and turns, even when driving in the mountains. The quality of the road surface and the state of the markings tend to the ideal.

Relationships of all road users can be described in two words - politeness and respect, which completely excludes pushing out from a traffic line, a “chess” ride, etc., therefore even a beginner feels comfortable on the roads of Europe.

All Czech autobahns are paid, but you don’t have to worry about it, because since all of our cars already have a paid fare (vignette) on the Czech roads.

Traffic code

Czech traffic code do not differ much from those of other European countries, but there are also national peculiaritie

  • No turning at traffic lights
  • The driver must switch on city beam before driving
  • Only “zero” ppm alcohol
  • Used machine horn only for warning of danger
  • Road speed on the Czech highways is limited to 130 km/h; country driving - 90 km/h; town driving - 50 km/h

Traffic police and fines

Police vehicles equipped with radar constantly move along the roads of the Czech Republic, the speed limit and availability of vignettes are monitored by video cameras on the highways.

The police never stop without reasons. If you were stopped, most likely a violation was committed. Listen to the claims and politely explain the cause of the incident. Probably, for you, as a guest of the country, the sanctions will be conditional and will be limited to the minimum fine or warning.

A policeman has a right slap on the wrist fine you of up to 5,000 CZK (Czech crowns) or may issue a receipt (at your discretion). A two-week period is allocated for the repayment of the fine. Your fine will come in the name of our company, we will forward it to you for payment. In case of non-payment, according to the European regulatory acts, the amount of the fine increases several times. In addition, there is a possibility of refusal to apply for a visa to the Schengen countries in the future.

Baby in car

Children under 12 years old and growth less than 150 cm are not allowed to ride in the front seats. They can only travel in the back of the car in special child restraints.

The fine for violation is up to 2,000 CZK.

Safety belts

The use of seat belts is necessarily for front and rear passengers.

Fine - up to 2,000 CZK.

Talking on the phone

It is prohibited to use a telephone communication device when the vehicle is in motion, which is not equipped with a technical device that allows you to negotiate without hands.

Fine - up to 1,000 CZK.

Where to park?

Significant instant: where can your legally to park in the Czech Republic.


Parking is allowed ONLY in places with a WHITE dashed line.

Parking on the BLUE and YELLOW lines, as well as on the sities for people with disabilities, PROHIBITED

The beginning of the parking it is marked a sign-board (days and hours when you can leave a car). Near the parking area there is always a parking meter that accepts Czech crowns and euros. The receipt should be placed under a windshield of a car in a prominent place, so that you can check the time of payment. Parking cost is 10–80 CZK/hour and depends on a location. You can also pay for parking through the web-application.

IMPORTANT: parking is paid immediately upon arrival, payment after the time is not allowed.

Оранжевая зона

The orange zone is indicated by a dashed white line on a road and a road sign with an orange stripe. Designed for visitors and guests - short-term parking zone, up to a maximum of 2 hours from 8:00 to 20:00 (time may vary depending on a location; the hours are indicated on an additional plate).

From 20.00 to 8.00 parking is free (if there are no prohibition signs)

On weekends and public holidays in the orange zone you can park for free!

Фиолетовая зона

The purple zone is indicated by a dashed white line and a road sign with a purple stripe. Parking in the purple zone can be a maximum of 24 hours.

Синяя зона

The blue zone is indicated by a blue road marking. Designed for long-term parking of official vehicles and cars of local residents with parking cards.

Parking in the blue zone is PROHIBITED!

Wi-Fi, mobile on the road

Russian SIM-cards on the territory of the country are excellent, but very expensive. To stay in touch and online, we recommend buying a SIM card from any local company: Vodafone, Telefónica-O2, T-Mobile Czech Republic. Connection will cost 250 - 300 CZK (10-12 €), the same amount will appear on the account when the card is activated.